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Steel Structure Workshop For Intelligent Breeding Of Fish And Shrimp

Type: Light Section Steel
Standard: GB, ASTM,
Trademark: Special Purpose Steel,
Forming: Hot-Rolled Steel
Connection Form: Welded Connection

Basic Info.

Project Name:

intelligent breeding Steel Structure workshop


5040 ㎡

Main Structure:

welded H beams



Welding Method:

Auto Aubmerger Arc Welding

Connection Method:

Bolt connection

Roof systems:

0.5mm thick U820 Color steel plate,daylighting panels

Wall systems:

0.5mm thick U820 Color steel plate

Transport Package:


Delivery time:


Project introduction:

The project is a steel structure of intelligent breeding workshop and warehouse, with a total of 5040 square meters. The project mainly consists of steel structure frame, color steel plate roof and wall panel enclosure. Beams and columns are welded H beams, purlins are cold-formed thin wall C beams; Auxiliary components are round steel, Angle steel, welded pipes and so on. The roof wall panel adopts 0.5mm thick U820 color steel plate. The roof also sets three double-layer lighting belts to increase the illumination required by the breeding workshop.

Steel Structure Workshop For BreedingBreeding Steel Structure Workshop


1.Reasonable Initial Cost

2.Energy Efficient

3.Long-life Roof Systems

4.Fast Tax Amortization

5.Low Maintenance


1.Wide Range of Sizes

2.Non-Standard Sizes are Standard

3.Easy Expansion

4.Expansion with Minimal Material Loss

5.Can be Dismantled and Re-assembled

20 years experience in steel  structure!
Lifetime structural safety guarantee!
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