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Steel structure intelligent breeding factory completed

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Steel structure intelligent breeding factory completed

       The project is steel structure factory for intelligent breeding , with a total of 28270 square meters. And it mainly includes 5 breeding workshops, 2 warehouses, 1 logistics complex building, heating room, boiler room, and first-level water pump room.

       The workshops mainly consists of steel structure frame, color steel plate roof and wall panel enclosure. Beams and columns are welded H beams, purlins are cold-formed thin wall C beams; Auxiliary components are round steel, Angle steel, welded pipes and so on. The roof wall panel adopts color steel plate. The roof also sets three double-layer lighting belts to increase the illumination required by the breeding workshop.

       The project is now fully completed, please enjoy the picture.

Advantages for steel structure workshop:

Wide span: single span or multiple spans, the max span is 36m without middle column.
Low cost: unit price range from USD 35/m2 to 70/m2 according to clients' requirements.
Easy installation and short time for construction: Save the labor and cost for clients.
Long using lifespan: up to 50 years
Environmental protection: there is no harmful materials for this kind of building
Stable structure: anti-earthquake, wind resistance and snow resistance.
Others such as water proofing, heat proofing and energy conserving

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