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a new building materials intelligent manufacturing workshop

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a new building materials intelligent manufacturing workshop

The project is a steel structure project of a new building materials intelligent manufacturing production workshop, covering an area of about 26,914 square meters, of which the single-layer height is 40 meters.The main frame of this workshop is steel structure, steel column and steel beam are Q355B welded H-shaped steel, secondary components are Q235B round pipe, round steel, etc., roof purlins are galvanized Z-shaped steel, high-frequency H-shaped steel.

Advantages of steel structure workshop:

Stable structure: The use of welded H-shaped steel, strong bending and load-bearing capacity, good overall rigidity and small deformation.

Low cost: The steel structure is light in weight and easy to install, saving transportation and labor costs.

Short delivery cycle time: the construction speed is fast, which can effectively shorten the construction cycle.

Good safety performance: seismic, wind resistance, fire resistance.

Long life: up to 50 years.

Large space: a single layer height of 40 meters, easy to large machines in and out.

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