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Nursing Home Steel Structure
05 January 2022

The project is a steel structure retirement home, which is a three-storey structure. The whole is made of steel structure as the main frame, can make use of the characteristics of high steel strength, the design uses large bay layout, so that the building plane can be reasonably separated, flexible and convenient, to create open housing. The traditional brick-concrete structure limits the freedom of space layout due to the nature of materials, which not only affects the appearance, but also increases the weight and cost.

Steel Structure Showroom
05 January 2022

The project is Enterprise Science and Technology Museum Pavilion, which is built for better demonstrating the new products and the development history of the enterprise. The structure of this project is formed by tubular pillars and H beam.After applying different processing technology such as cutting, bending and welding process, they becomes variable specialized shapes which fit to the requirement of a science and technology museum. Matching with glass curtain wall and color plates combined with the special red wavy aluminum plates at both sides of the exterior wall, these shapes outline the flame image of Yitian Gas Stove, and therefore highlight the characteristics of the products and build up a new focus for the enterprise.

Steel Warehouse Structure
05 January 2022

This steel structure plant was constructed by our company in 2004,which covers an area of 50,000 square meters, and is mainly used for the processing and manufacturing of mechanical products. The steel columns and beams of the structure are H-type welded.The purline is made of C type steel,and round-shaped steel pipes are used in supporting system and as the tie bars. Besides,the roof uses color plates and glass insulation cotton, and the plant walls are mainly brick structure. The parts of steel structure make the building more environment- friendly and recyclable.

Logistics Steel Structure
05 January 2022

The project is a steel dock warehousing project with a construction area of 10,600 square meters. There is a channel in the building, and large ships can be driven to the warehouse, where the goods can be lifted by a 20-ton crane. The steel structure warehouse has large span and strong structure, which is very suitable for building warehouses and workshops.

Residential Steel Structure
05 January 2022

The project is a steel structure residential project. It is a new model of residential development, mainly has the advantages of easy prefabrication, easy transportation, heat preservation, fire prevention, durability, earthquake resistance, sound insulation, moisture-proof and other functions. In terms of space utilization, the steel structure has a small section and can increase the building effective area by about 8% compared with the reinforced concrete structure. In terms of architectural style, steel structure buildings are also more flexible , and the indoor space can be divided into multiple schemes to meet the needs of different users.

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