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welded H Section Steel Structure Frame

Multi-storey steel building
Trademark: Carbon Structural Steel
Forming: Hot-Rolled Steel
Connection Form: Welded Connection
Main Parts
Item Name
Main Steel Frame
Steel Column
Q235B, Q355B    (H shape, Box, Steel pipe, Hot rolled sheet)
Steel Beam
Q235B, Q355B   (H shape, Steel Truss, Hot rolled sheet)
Supporting System
Q235B, Q355B(Steel rod, Steel pipe, Angle steel)
Roof Purlin
C or Z shape, Steel purlin
Wall Purlin
Q235B, Q355B(C or Z shape, Steel purlin)
wall& roof
Single colorful steel sheet, Sandwich panel with EPS, Rock wool, PU, Glass wool etc.,
Single colorful corrugate steel sheet, Sandwich panel with EPS, Rock wool, PU, Glass wool etc.,
Ordinary, High strength
Galvanized Steel plate, Stainless steel
Aluminum alloy-Glass, Aluminum alloy-shutter, PVC
Sliding or Rolling door Material customized
PVC pipe, Color steel pipe
Edge Cover
Made of color steel sheet thickness 0.5mm (customized)
Stainless steel
Crane in 5 tons to 20 tons(As required)


Advantages of Light Steel Structure Construction

1.Wide span: Single span or multiple spans, the max span is over 70 m without middle column.

2.Low cost: Unit price range from USD45/sqm to USD80/sqm according to customers' request.

3. Fast construction and easy installation.
4. Long using life: Up to 50 years.
5.Others: Beautiful outlook ,Environmental protection, stable structure, earthquake proofing, water proofing, and energy conserving.

Product Description

Steel structure design common norms are as follows:

"Steel Design Code" (GB50017-2003)

"Cold-formed steel structure technical specifications" (GB50018-2002)

"Construction Quality Acceptance of Steel" (GB50205-2001)

"Technical Specification for welded steel structure" (JGJ81-2002, J218-2002)

If you have drawings, welcome to share drawings with us, quotation will be done based your drawings. Our team will design the steel structure workshop warehouse for you.  
If you give the following information, we will give you a satisfactory drawing and make a quotation.

1 Location           city
2 Size(length*width*height)           m*           m*           m
3 Wind speed (max.)           km/h 
4 Snow load (max.)
5 Anti-earthquake           level
6 Brick wall needed or not?(If yes)  1.2m high or 1.5m high            
7 Thermal insulation
8 Door quantity & size           units,           (width)m*          (height)m
9 Window quantity & size           units,           (width)m*          (height)m
10 Crane needed or not ?(If yes)            units, max lifting weight          tons, max. lifting height           m
11 Mezzanine needed or not ? (If yes)            layers,           (height)m, weight bearing      Kg/m2


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