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high strength Interlayer Steel Structure for Frame

Application:Steel Workshop, Steel Structure Platform, Steel Fabricated House, Structural Roofing, Frame Part, Steel Walkway and Floor, Steel Structure Bridge, Warehouse /Workshop
Product Name:Steel Structure Construction
Material:Q235B, Q355
Usage:Industrial Warehouse

Shaoxing Sunshine Steel Structure Company specializes in producing and manufacturing building steel structure, power plant steel structure, chemical steel structure, decoration steel structure, bridge steel structure; also undertakes steel structure projects of factories, office buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, stadiums, residential buildings, metal containers, and communication towers, etc.

If you need we design for you, pls supply us the following parameter

1 Location (where will be built) ? _____country, area
2 Size: length*width*height? _____m*_____m*_____m
3 wind load (or max. wind speed)? _____km/h
4 Rain & snow load (or max. snow height)? _____kn/m2, _____mm
5 anti-earthquake _____level ?
6 Usage of the building?
7 roof panel and wall panel? You could choose sanwich panel, EPS, fiberglass wool, rockwool, PU sandwich. 


Steel Structure Workshop

The Steel structure features.

a. Low maintenance costs
b.Environmentally friendly, recycling.
c.Flexibility when fixing doors, windows, and interior partitions
d.Steel structure construction is strong, durability and stable.
e.Steel components are resistant to termites and other destructive insects. 
f.Long service life for more than 50 years
g.Fast construction, easy installation, and convenient transport.


The steel structure building is widely used in the construction of buildings such as warehouses, workshops, and large factories.hangar/garage/chicken shed exhibition hall, agricultural storage, logistic centers, etc.


1. workshop, warehouse, plant
2. Steel web frame structure
3. Steel H-column and steel H-beam
4. Portal frame products
5. High rise building project
6. Others steel structure buildings


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