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welded H Truss Section Adding Roof Steel Structure

Strong Structure Metal Frame Steel Roof Structure for Workshop
Main Frame:Steel Columns and Beams
Panel:Sandwhich Panel or Steel Sheet
Surface Treatment:Painting and Hot DIP Galvanized

Product Description

Prefabricated steel structure building is manufactured and constructed using prefabrication. It consists of factory-made components or units that are transported and assembled on-site to form the complete building.
The building is made from welding H section steel as column and beam. Some buildings also have crane beam, which made from H steel beam too. Galvanized C, Z section steel are as wall purlin and roof purlin. Each component uses welds, bolts or rivets to connect. Wall and roof are made of metal steel sheet or sandwich panel.


Product Description

Steel structure  has features of high fire resistance, strong corrosion resistance. Steel structure workshop is mainly refers to the main bearing component is composed of steel. Including the steel columns, steel beam, steel structure, steel roof truss.
Steel frame is used more and more widely in workshops and other industrial and civil buildings. For the main frame, there are single-span and multi-span gantry light frame structures and reinforced concrete structures, compared with its unique advantages.

The steel structure is sturdy, environmentally friendly, insulated, waterproof and soundproof, and is very popular.

Advantages of the steel structure for workshop
Light weight,  industrialized manufcture, convenient for shipment and transportation 
High strength, wide span 
corrosion resistance, heat-insulation 
Highly secure and reliable.  
fast installation, shorter construction time 
Easy and fast to build, low cost 
Resistant to 8-9 earthquake grades. 
Span life: Up to 50 years.The steel structure materials can be recycled, thanks to this the building is environmental friendly.


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