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Light Steel Building Steel Structure

This is a new building materials intelligent manufacturing workshop steel structure engineering project.

Product descriptions.

steel frame

Main steel structure
(columns and beams)

1.Steel Q355 H shape
2. Straight cross-section or Variable cross-section

Sub steel structure

1.Material Q355 steel
2.Bolt connections. Anti-rust painted 
3. Bracing:X-type or V-type or other type bracing made from angle, round pipe, etc
4. Purlin:C or Z type: Size from C80~C320, Z120~Z300


Colorful steel tile


Colorful steel tile

Edge Cover

Steel sheet 0.5mm thickness


M24,M22,M12 etc

          This is a new building materials intelligent manufacturing workshop steel structure engineering project. The project covers a total area of 26,914 square meters with a single-storey height of 40 meters. The main frame is steel structure, steel column and steel beam is Q355B welded H-type steel, secondary components using Q235B round pipe, round steel, roof purlin using galvanized Z-type steel, high-frequency H-type steel. The steel structure is structurally safe and has a designed life span of 50 years.

          Steel buildings are becoming more and more popular in the construction industry. It is widely used as commerical shop buildings, warehouse, workshop, storage buildings, logistics base. The advantages of steel buildings include their durability, low cost compared to conventional construction and the fact that they take much less time to build than do other types of new construction. Steel building prices can vary depending on a few different factors, one of the most important being the price of steel at the time.

The main steel frame structure of steel buildings are welded H-section steel columns and beams that is connected by high strength bolts.All the steel structure compoents are welded in our factory with CNC machine. We could design it to be single span, double span, portal frame or truss roof.

Advantages of warehouse building construction materials  as follows.

1. Features: fast and flexible to assemble, secure and safe, thermal and noise insulation, water proof and fire prevention;
2. Cost-effective: Fast a

nd easy installation greatly shorten the construction time which reduce the costs;
3. Durability: The whole steel structure is easy in maintenance, which can be used for more than 50 years.
4. Perfect design: Perfect design completely avoids leaks and water seepage. Meanwhile, it's also in line with the national level of fire prevention.
5. Carrying capacity: can resists the impact of strong wind and seismic performance and bears heavy snow loads.

Our Technical Advantages:

A. We have our own technical teams, so we can design, fabricate and install this steel structure workshop according to customers requirement.
B. It's very easy to install the steel structure workshop in your there according to our installation drawings. Also, we will supply all technical support during installation and after-sale service.
C. One stop shopping---we offer not only steel structure but also sandwich panels and all the accessories. It will ensure the perfect integration between each part.
D. fast construction, easy installation, stable structure, earthquake proofing, energy conserving and environment protection.


A.  If you have the drawings

We can provide you the full service of production, shipment and
Installation guide, which is high quality and low cost.Because we own all kinds of technical facilities, complete test instruments and advanced production processes.

B.  No drawings 

Our excellent design team will freely design the steel structure buildings for you.If you give us the following information, we will give you an satisfactory drawing.
1. Dimension:Length, width, ridge height, eave height, etc.
2. Doors and Windows:Dimension, quantity, installation position.
3. Local Climate:Wind load, snow load, roof load, Seismic load
4. Insulation materials:Insulated Sandwich panel or Single Steel Sheet
5. Crane beam:If you need it, it will be very helpful that you tell us its technological parameters.
6. Usage:If you tell us the application of light steel structure warehouse, we can exactly design the drawings or match suitable materials for you.
7. Other requirements:Such as fire proofing, transparent roof, etc.Please kindly inform us, too.

20 years experience in steel  structure!
Lifetime structural safety guarantee!
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