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durable Interlayer Steel Structure for Structural Roofing

Forming:Hot-Rolled Steel
Connection Form:Welded Connection
Member:Steel Beam
Type of Steel for Building Structure:High-Strength Steel


Steel Structure for Warehouse/ Workshop Building



According to customer requirements


web plate: 6-32mm




Painted,according to customer requirements

Warehouse Size

Width * length * eave height


1. Lower cost with better quality.

2. High safety performance.

3. Easy to assemble and dismantle.

4. Manufacture under complete quality control system - ISO9001.

5. Installation with instruction of experienced engineers

6. Non-pollution.

Steel structuer wokshop/warehouse Design Parameter
1. How large you want your steel structure workshop to be? (Length, width and height)
2. Your steel structure workshop planning sketches?
3. What does your steel workshop use for? (for facotry, for workshop, for warehouse and so on)
4. Thermal conditions of your steel workshop?
5. The lighting conditions of your steel workshop?
6. Environments of your steel workshop?
7. Import and Export requriments(puting materials in 20feet, 40feet or 40HQ containers)

Interlayer Steel Structure

Steel Structure Warehouse Features

1.The flexible interior partition can make good use of the space.

2.Resource-efficient practices produce less waste and less impact on the environment.

3.Steel structure construction is strong, durable and stab.

4.The prefabricated or modular building can be on job sites anywhere.

5.Varied designs, luxurious appearance, good comfort, and energy saving.

6.The service life is long and more than 30 years.

7.Fast construction, easy installation, and convenient to transport.


1. Customized Design
2.Quality Assurance

(1)Strict quality control

(2)Safe packing

(3)Quality inspection before shipment

3.After-sales service

(1)Installation instruction on site

(2)Installation technical team backup

(3)Timely communication by Email & Phone


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