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Carbon Structural Galvanizd Civil Building Steel Structure

Material: Steel Structure
Usage: Warehouse, Villa, Temporary Offices, Workshop, Steel Building as Stores,Shops, Carport, Garage
Certification: ISO, 
Customized: Customized
Drawing Plan: as Buyer′s Requirements

I. Steel Structure Style:
Light steel structure frame (requirements as concrete ground base and so on are on your request)

II. Characteristic And Virtue:
1. Better margins can be achieved from the low total cost of build (machine through put, assembly (labour and time) and transport costs) especially compared to traditional method
2. Convenient to take apart and install
3. Good-looking, diversified color options, fashionable and unique
4. Simple, convenient and fast installation
5. Low repair and maintenance costs
6. High-strength, windproof and reliable load-bearing steel structures
7. Excellent water resistance and drainage
8. Highly anticorrosion and dustproof
9. Eco-friendly - highly recyclable and creates minimal raw material waste

Item Material Description and surface process

Main steel frame
Column and Beam Q235 or Q355 H section steel with two coats of mid-gray  paint
Purlin Q235 or Q355 Galvanizd C or Z  type  steel


Tie tube Q235 Circular Tube with two coats of mid-gray paint
Knee-Bracing Q235 L50*4  Galvanizd angle steel
Strutting piece Q235 φ12   Galvanizd Circular Tube
Column Bracing Q235 Circular Tube with two coats of mid-gray paint
Horizontal Bracing Q235 Circular Tube with two coats of mid-gray paint
Casing Q235 φ30*2.5  Galvanized Circular Tube

civil building steel structure

Advantages of the steel structure for workshop
Light weight,  industrialized manufcture, convenient for shipment and transportation 
High strength, wide span 
corrosion resistance, heat-insulation 
Highly secure and reliable.  
fast installation, shorter construction time 
Easy and fast to build, low cost 
Resistant to 8-9 earthquake grades. 
Span life: Up to 50 years.The steel structure materials can be recycled, thanks to this the building is environmental friendly.


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